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Study English with BELS Malta over Carnival week and add a splash of colour, tradition and excitement to your learning holiday. 

Carnival is celebrated in the winter, with a 7-day programme full of illuminated floats, bright costumes, traditional rituals and grotesque masks. In the weeks leading up to carnival you can feel the excitement in the air, and the frivolous attitude is contagious. If you’re interested in studying English in Malta in the winter season, visit in February to experience carnival in Malta.

Here are 4 Carnival activities that you must not miss out on during your visit to Malta.

1. Colours, Floats and Dancing

Carnival Floats and Parties in Malta

Daytime carnival activities include a parade of vibrant floats and dance competitions in extravagant getups. Dance festivities start out with a Maltese folklore dance called ‘il-Maltija’, where a number of locals dress up in traditional clothing and dance about to folklore music.

2. Traditional Events

Carnival is also an opportunity to experience tradition when studying English in Malta. Two uniquely Maltese carnival activities are called ‘ġostra’ and ’kukkanja’. The ‘kukkanja’ involves hanging a selection of hams, sausages and meats on a greasy pole in the middle of a square. Participants have to climb up to earn their prize. The ’ġostra’ is similar, only this time participants have to run up a greasy 30-foot pole over the sea.

3. Nadur Spontaneous Carnival

Nadur carnival is known for its outrageous costumes that are mash-up of the grotesque and macabre, cross-dressing and alternative. Locals disguise themselves in anything from bed sheets to sack cloths, often with a satirical tone. It’s a spontaneous carnival, so ditch the Ebay costumes and get creative to fit in to the grotesque, fervent atmosphere. If you’re studying English in Malta or Gozo during carnival, go to Nadur on Friday or Saturday evening, which is when the madness’s at its peak.

4. Taste of Carnival

It’s not exactly an activity, but a must nonetheless- you can’t find it anywhere else in the world. If you’re studying English in Malta around carnival time keep an eye out for Prinjolata in all the cafes, pastry shops and supermarkets. The delicious colourful treat is prepared especially for carnival in Malta.

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