Our in house professional English Language teachers also deliver online lessons.

When trying to learn English online, a quick google search for English lessons online will result in tens of pages – with so many to choose from, how do you make your pick? Unfortunately there are a lot of scam website that claim to offer lessons by professional teachers. Choosing the right English lessons online can make all the difference in your progress.  That’s why we started offering BELS online courses. Here are some factors to consider when booking English lessons online.

1. BELS is a legit English school in Malta and Gozo

teachers offering English lessons online

…with plenty of accreditation and over 20 years of experience. While impostor websites can buy stock photos for bogus testimonials, they can’t fake accreditation and licences. With BELS you can rest assured that you’ll be assigned a qualified teacher for your individual online English lessons. During your first English lesson online your teacher will conduct a needs analysis and plan a course accordingly.  Whether you need help preparing for a job interview, collage assignment or just want to talk to someone, our teachers will plan lessons just for you.

2. Access to a variety of quality resources 

As part of your online courses with BELS, your teacher will plan lessons using a variety of books and resources from esteemed publications in our library.  This allows teachers to personalise lessons to maximise the learning outcome.  Rather than just buying one book and being limited to the content of that one book, you will benefit from having the best parts of each book for your needs. For online lessons, teachers scan book pages and send students a soft-copy. The same system is used to provide more content for home work and self-study. 

3. Keep the same teacher as during your course 

If you book BELS English lessons online after your course in Malta, you can choose to have the same teacher who taught you in Malta. That way you can continue where you left off, and you won’t forget all the language you learnt during your English course.  It’s an easy and effective way to maintain your fluency after your course. 

4. Chance of studying at BELS Language Schools in Malta 

On the other hand, if you start with BELS online English lessons and decide to study English in Malta in the future, you can meet your teacher and continue studying together in Malta.

For more information about English lessons online, send us an email at [email protected].

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