Flavia from Brazil Shares her BELS Malta Study Experience

Flavia came to Malta for a month from Brazil. Here’s what she had to say about her experience!

Hi! My name is Flávia, I´m from Brazil – São José dos Campos – São Paulo. I´ve always studied English in Brazil but this was the first time abroad. For me English is as important as my mother language – Portuguese and also because I always use English in my job, sometimes to send e-mails or talk by phone to someone and also improve my listening. Listening is a big problem for me, and while studying at BELS Language School in Malta I could listen and speak in English more than in my country. I stayed at BELS Language School in Malta for one month – from Jan, 15th to Feb, 09th – 2018.

I chose to study English in Malta because it is easy to get to know other European countries from Malta and that´s exactly what I did. The main benefit was the price, English courses in Malta are cheaper, and another reason was because of the positive things other students said about the BELS Language School in Malta.

Learning English in Malta with an English Language School

When I arrived, I felt the same. The BELS Language School in Malta is a welcoming school. All the people there (employees, teachers) are involved with the students, they’re always helpful and prepared to assist all students. BELS also own an online learning platform to help the students even after the course completion. The school’s in modern building that’s always clean and has everything that a school needs. The residence is spacious and very good. It is clean and tidy. Everyone at BELS Language School in Malta is very friendly and the teachers are very attentive.

Malta is an amazing and fantastic country. It was my first time in Malta, and it was also the first country I visited in Europe. The architecture and the quantity of Churches surprised me. I wish I had visited all the churches, but I know that it’s impossible to do this in only one month. It is a different and historical country. For people who like summer, Malta is a great idea to go due the beaches.

In spite of the mother language being Maltese, it is possible to practice and speak English in the Malta. I stayed there for a month, so I don´t know how it would feel to stay there for six months or more because Malta is a small country. But, if you like nature, beautiful scenery and mainly beaches, Malta is your perfect choice. To be honest, everybody should visit Malta once in a lifetime and experience what I´m talking about. If you’re also looking to study English there, BELS Language Schools in Malta should be your first choice.

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