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Do you want to keep the same level of English obtained at your language school? Here are some tips on how to keep on improving your level of English after your course.

After spending so much money, time and effort trying to improve your English by taking a course, it’s important to keep on practicing English when you go back home. Otherwise it’s easy to get rusty in the language and lose all that hard work that you put in to improve your English! Your journey to improve your English doesn’t have to end once your language course does. Read our tips on how to improve your English once you return home.

1. Make Friends with Expats / Locals who want to Learn English

By making friends with expats in your country, you’re practically forced to speak in English. Apart from helping you improve your English, it’s also a practical way to meet cool people – expats have a lot of travel experience and interesting stories to tell. You’ll also end up hanging out at places with many English speakers – what better way to improve your English?

2. Travel to Foreign Countries as often as possible

Visit Malta to learn English

Students learn English in Malta from all over the World.

Apart from making new friends, you’re also immersed in the language, which is a great way to improve your English. You get the chance to practice speaking functional English – speak without hesitation and not care about making mistakes, which is very helpful thing to improve your English.

3. Watch English TV shows

Many studies have shown that watching shows or movies in English had a positive impact on improving listening and speaking skills. Students also obtained accurate pronunciation and increased their vocabulary by watching English movies. It’s a way to have fun and absorb language at the same time. If you feel like you’re not understanding anything, try watching a movie you’ve already seen in your first language.  

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4. Implement English into your Daily Routine

It can be something as simple as reading the news in English or changing your phone settings to English, or going to a cafeteria where you know the staff only speaks English. Find ways to add some English into your regular routine

5. Take Online Lessons with BELS!

While speaking with other English speakers helps improve your English, it’s not the same as having a skilled teacher analyse your learning needs, guide you, challenge you and correct you. With BELS, you can buy online Skype lessons with our teachers once you return home, and continue learning with the same teacher you had during your course.

Develop your English skills from anywhere in the world with our online lessons. Find our more by speaking to us on livechat or sending an email at [email protected].

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