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Technology brings a fresh and creative perspective to learning at BELS Malta English Schools.

We’re eager to share ways our interactive boards have positively influenced our classrooms.

People learn in different ways, but all learners have one thing in common. All students learn better when they are fully engaged and the best way to engage students is through communicative and blended teaching. Interactive whiteboards bring the classroom to life and facilitate multi sensory learning. That’s why BELS installed interactive boards in all classrooms at our Malta English schools.

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Student using interactive boards during lessons.

At BELS Malta English Schools we noticed significant improvements that positively affected our classroom environment. Here are the benefits of regularly using interactive whiteboards at our Malta English schools:

Top 4 Benefits of Interactive Learning at BELS Language School Malta

1. Improved, Simplified Learning

The use of interactive boards increase students’ understanding and retention of information. They appeal to auditory learners and visual learners. Students with a low attention span also remain focused and engaged. This is one of the main reasons students compliment the addition of interactive boards in our Gozo and Malta English schools.

2. Effective Use of Time, Improved Feedback

Having increased visuals makes things are clearer and simpler, especially for low-level learners (or the easily distracted). There’s no need to dictate answers, or waste half an hour with corrections – answers are easily projected, which makes it easier to identify errors or areas of confusion and solve the issues.

3. Increased Participation and Collaboration

Alongside blended learning, we are firm believers in the communicative learning approach at BELS Malta English schools. Interactive boards enable communicative learning because students participate more. They don’t have to worry about taking notes; whiteboard images can be saved for later use. This allows students to be more present and opens them up to become part of the learning process rather than being simple recipients.

4. Lessons are more Flexible

Learning isn’t limited to the contents of the book, providing students with an expanded learning experience. With an interactive board and an internet connection, teachers have limitless learning resources. Lessons can be brought to life using video, pictures, audio and presentations that are relevant to the topic.

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