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Maltese Islands

BELS language students taking a selfie with the city of Valletta in the background.

Below is a short summary of why you should be choosing Malta as your learning destination

Island of Malta

The Maltese archipelago is situated in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, less than 95 km south of Italy. Malta island, with a history that dates back to the 6th century BC, Malta has recently earned its reputation as being one of the most popular English language learning destinations in Europe. The 150 years of British rule have left a lasting impression on Malta’s mother tongue, making English an official language of the island. Malta and Gozo became a sovereign independent state within the Commonwealth on September 21st, 1964.

On December 13th, 1974 Malta became a republic and on May 1st 2004, the Maltese Islands have joined the European Union. The native English speakers, the warm Mediterranean climate, the year-round sunshine and the blue seas are just some of the things that lend themselves to promote Malta as a destination for learning English. Malta has managed to own the right balance between traditional hospitality and a cosmopolitan spirit, born from our long history of welcoming people.

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