Maintain your fluency after your English course with our BELS online speaking course.

One of the allures of studying English in an English-speaking country like Malta is the complete immersion into the language. It’s surprising to see how much one’s speaking skills progress when they find themselves in the middle of an island with English or Maltese being the primary communication options. On the flipside, it’s not always easy to maintain the level of fluency once students go back to their homeland where English is seldom used. That’s why at BELS we also offer online English speaking courses.

Maintain your fluency with an Online English Speaking Courses

Students often worry that they will lose all their progress made during their language course when they return home. If English isn’t practised regularly after the studies, it’s usually true. While it’s easy to study grammar online, read English texts and listen to English in movies, practicing speaking skills is often more challenging. If you don’t have anyone to speak to, your English communication skills will weaken, which is a shame after all that progress. Taking part in an online English speaking course is practical way to keep your speaking skills strong.

Our BELS online English speaking course is designed to help students maintain their fluency, and even develop speaking skills further once they’re back home.

What should students expect from a BELS online English speaking course?

  1. Since BELS is an accredited language school, all teachers in our online English speaking course are fully qualified, with years of experience.It’s also possible to request the same teacher you had during your course in Malta for your online lessons. 
  2. All lessons will be adapted to your learning requirements and interests 
  3. The topics discussed in an online English speaking course will be chosen by the teacher and the student together to ensure that lessons are efficient and enjoyable – you can talk about whatever you want!
  4. During your lesson, your will analyse your learning needs, guide you on weak areas, correct you, and challenge you as needed.
  5. Based on your weakness, the teacher can also provide grammar lessons or assign homework. 
  6. It’s also possible to follow a General English course online, with access to an online learning platform related to the coursebook being used. If you’re an ex-BELS students, you can continue right where you left off in class. 

Are you curious about online English courses? Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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