Songs are a great way to help students improve their English speaking. Here are a few Christmas songs than can benefit English students in their learning journey. Interested in visiting Malta over the Christmas festive period to learn English? Check out these events

A lot of people wonder what the key to learning English is. Is it hard work and determination, or is it just natural and luck? There is no one answer to suit all people – it depends on the individual person and their learning style. The important thing is that you find a way to make it fun. A great way to make English fun is to practise English online using songs, movies or games.

You might think it’s silly to practise English online using songs, yet many academic studies showed that music can help second language learners with their learning process.

Why are songs a good way to practice English online?

English Christmas Songs Online

Listening to music is a natural and memorable way to practise English online. Songs are catchy, whether you like it or not, sometimes they get stuck in your head. While this may be annoying, it’s also helping you become familiar with the sound of English. A good reason to practise English online with songs is because they allow you to focus on your pronunciation skills, listening skills, and acquire the language’s rhythm and tone.

Studies also showed learners acquire grammar and vocabulary and improve spelling through songs. Apart from that, the language in songs is colloquial. As you practise English online using songs you’ll learn practical everyday phrases and casual language that native speakers use.

How can I practise English online with songs?

To learn with songs, you have to do some kind of writing activity while you listen. This can be a quiz, matching or a gap-fill exercise. You can find a lot of websites to practise English online with songs, for example ESOL Courses.

Here’s a list of Christmas songs we selected:


Elementary / Pre-Intermediate:

Intermediate / Advanced:

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