There are many ways to express happiness in the English Language. With BELS online lessons you will learn how to express joyful feelings through great English. 


English online phrase #1: On Top of the World

The height of happiness. When you’re on top of the world you feel wonderful, ecstatic and elated. There’s no way you can feel happier. Example: He was interested in her and she felt on top of the world.

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English online phrase #2: Grin from ear to ear

When somebody’s grinning from ear to ear, they’ve probably just received some really good news or experienced an important life event. It describes a very wide smile and an eagerness and excitement. Example: He was grinning from ear to ear so we knew he had good news to tell us.

English online phrase #3: Happy go lucky

Somebody with a happy-go-lucky attitude is a generally cheerful person with little concerns about the future. They lead a stress-free live and have a calm, laidback attitude. Example: They’re easy-going and live in the moment.

English online phrase #4: Over the moon

Excited and delighted – in a state of great happiness. Example: He’s over the moon about being accepted to the university.

English online phrase #5: Cheer up

When you’re feeling down in the dumps, you need some cheering up! When you start to feel happy again, then you’re starting to cheer up. This phrasal verb is used to encourage people to be positive when they’re upset about something. Example: Cheer up—things will get better!

English online phrase #6: Buzzing / Hyped

To be full of excitement or activity, to be euphoric or very stimulated. Example: He was buzzing with anticipation for the big game!

Bonus: Learn English Online with Songs:

And to help lift your spirits on international happy day, here is our pick of feel-good songs about happiness:

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