In this English online lesson, learn how to speak from your heart!

Here are some idioms and phrases to help you learn romantic English for Valentine’s day.

The language of love is often flowery and full of idioms and metaphors. This online spoken English lesson teaches some of the most common phrases people use when talking about love and matters of the heart.

Valentine’s Day English online quotes

English Online Phrase #1 – A Blind Date

When you go on a ‘blind date’, you have a date with a person you’ve never met before. A friend of yours organised the date for you two!

  • I’m going on a blind date tonight, I hope we have something to talk about!

English Online Phrase #2 – Puppy Love

‘Puppy love’ is the kind of love associated with teenagers and their first love. It’s intense but a relatively shallow romantic attachment.

  • They do make a nice couple, but do you think they would really last together or is it just puppy love?

English Online Phrase #3 – *Something* your Heart Out

You can ‘cry your heart out’, ‘eat your heart out’ or ‘sing your heart out’. When you ‘*something* your heart out’, you do it very strongly and passionately.

  • She sang her heart out at the contest.
  • He cried his heart out when his girlfriend broke up with him.

English Online Phrase #4 – Love at first sight

If it was ‘love at first sight,’ there was an instant connection.

  • When I saw the puppy it was love at first sight, I just had to have it.

English Online Phrase #5 – Going Steady

When a couple is ‘going steady’, it means the relationship got serious.

  • They’ve been going steady for almost a year now.

English Online Phrase #6 – Tie the Knot

After going steady for a while a couple usually decides to ‘tie to knot,’ that is to get married.

  • He tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend while on holiday in Italy.

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