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Ever feel that you’re not learning English as quickly as you’d like? Sometimes it’s about having the right attitude

Learning English isn’t all about books and papers, having the right attitude can make all the difference. Read our tips on how to Learn English in Malta below:

1. Calm Down, but not too much

When learning English is a necessity, students tend to have certain expectations of their language course. Often, these expectations related to learning English are not realistic. Being stressed out is definitely not the best attitude for learning English, but neither is being too calm. If you aren’t nervous or you are too nervous about learning English, your performance won’t be as good as when the level of nerves is just right. It’s all about balancing it out.

2. Trust your school and your teachers

Be open to a different way of learning English. This might be your first, or second time learning English, but it’s the millionth time your school has helped others in your situation. At times you might feel frustrated, feel that you’re in the wrong level, or that you’re not learning English quickly enough, but have a little faith. After all, your school is an accredited centre with many success stories, and your teachers are experts in what they do.

3. Don’t rely on your book too much

Remember, learning English isn’t just about the grammar and passing the written tests. Ultimately, your goal is being able to use the language, and most often that means being able to listen to others, and speak with others. Learning English listening skills and speaking skills takes more than just following a book. Once again, trust your teachers and your school!

4. Don’t be shy to make mistakes

Students who aren’t afraid of making mistakes are the most successful at learning English. Unless you try, you can’t improve. Learning English is about learning from yourself, so speak as much as possible, and look at your errors as a learning experience!

5. Immerse yourself in the language

Take some time off work, and dedicate it entirely to learn English in Malta. Find a school you like, ideally in an English-speaking country such as Malta or Gozo, surround yourself with others in your situation, and let the school guide you in your learning process. When studying at BELS, you’d have the opportunity to live in a residence with other students, or an English-speaking host family, in a town (St. Paul’s Bay) with a large expat community.

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