How could you benefit from individual English lessons?

Sometimes General English courses can’t help you reach all your specific learning goals.  In these cases, there are individual English lessons.  They can be taken alongside the general English course, or as a complete course on their own. It all depends on your learning goals and needs. 

When should I consider individual English lessons?

Firstly, when you have a specific learning aim and need to learn something that is not relevant to everyone or everyday situations. Secondly, if you are a complete beginner in English and do not feel ready to join a classroom.  Thirdly, if you would like individual attention and a quieter learning environment.  And finally, if you have a difficult schedule and cannot attend regular, daily group courses. 

Since individual lessons are all about you, they’re ideal for students who have a specific aim,  for example;  exam preparation, English for work, English for a specific purpose (igaming, aviation, customer care, nursing, banking and anything else you may need).  

They’re also more flexible when it comes to times. If you’ve got a job and can’t attend morning classes, you could book individual English lessons instead, which can be organised around your schedule. Apart from this, you could also book individual English lessons after your group classes to practice your speaking skills, or get extra help with some problem areas.

What’s different in Individual English Lessons?

While General English classes include a bit of everything, here you can focus on improving the particular areas you need help in. The lessons move at your own pace. A qualified BELS teacher will plan your individual English lessons especially for you. If you’d rather spend all the time speaking (and not do any grammar whatsoever) it’s completely fine!

On your first day your teacher will conduct a detailed needs analysis to get to know you and what you want more.  That means that lessons will be planned just for you – using the relevant material and real-world examples that you need. 

What can I learn in Individual English lessons?

Anything and everything. Whether it’s working on business English, preparing for particular exam (IELTS, TEOFL), learning English related to a specific topic (hairdressing, nursing, finance) or simply developing your social conversation skills, the teacher will plan the appropriate lessons just for you.

Where are BELS lessons held?

You can take these courses at our BELS Malta, or BELS Gozo Language schools, online, or at your place of work. 

Are you interested in more information about individual English lessons with BELS? Send us an email at [email protected].

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