After spending two weeks at BELS Gozo, Sandra wrote about her experience and what made her experience with BELS English Language School special.  

My name is Sandra (age 25) and I’m from Switzerland. I’m currently studying in the 8th semester at the university of teachers (PH Luzern) with a major in secondary education. I planned to improve my English skills during my Easter holidays. Therefore, I decided to sign up for a language course at BELS school in Gozo for two weeks. What an experience!

Where did I live?

What to do in Kercem, Gozo

Gozo Views

During my language trip I lived in a residence in Kerċem centre together with six people. Luckily, the house is close to the school and you are able to reach the school every morning by foot (10 min.) while enjoying a breath-taking view on the local environment / houses. If you stay in the BELS Gozo residence, you won’t require extra money for the public transport. Personally, I think it was a great chance to live with other, adult language students, in one house and discover their culture.

What programme did I choose?

I chose the General English Intensive course (30 lessons of 45 minutes each). This sounds intense, but it wasn’t at all. The time passed quickly! My lessons started at 09:00 and ended at 14:00 (with breaks in between). With this schedule, I had plenty of time to enjoy the sunny and warm weather on the island and make daily trips to the capital of Gozo called Victoria which was only 20-30 minutes by foot.

The morning lessons are based on one Unit in the Oxford University book „English File“ and filled with a mix of skills such as Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. New Vocabulary and Grammar Rules were also discussed regularly. In the afternoon classes, I also improved my fluency in speaking. This provided an opportunity to practice the grammar points from the morning lessons with more practical examples. This helps when you are in groups of 4-6 people.

Where do you find further support?

As soon as you walk inside the school, you will find a small, friendly reception with two very kind / polite women, Leanda and Laura. They are always open to answer any questions or provide you with assistance for any issues or questions you may have.


Wine Tasting in Gozo Vineyards in Gozo Traditional Foods in GozoI highly recommend the leisure trips which are usually organised by the school itself. I took part in the Taste-Tour-Gozo, where I got to know some very interesting details about the Gozitan culture. Firstly, we could produce some local cheese ourselves, then we visited the Creativity Center, where we could explore some historical facts about the past of the island. Afterwards we were led into a beer brewery with a beer tasting at the end. Later on, we visited the salt pens next to the sea. It was the best salt I’ve ever tasted in my life! In the end, we also discovered a local wine farm, where we could taste some delicious wine in a four-step process. It was my personal highlight of the day. Even though I don’t like wine that much, the whole way of presenting the wine to us by the head of the farm and telling us his own stories was incredibly amazing. I will never forget this day.

A very special personal experience

Generally, I’m very pleased with the school, especially with the teachers that are the heart of the school. They work extremely hard, with great conviction and some very intelligent, pedagogical values. During every lesson you will experience the humorous character of the teachers and the general positive mood in the classroom. As I learnt from my last internship, it can be very difficult to deal with and handle a huge number of different cultures in one room. Therefore, I’m incredibly impressed with how the teachers overcome this challenge in a phenomenal and excellent way day by day – everyday. Obviously, it shows that the teachers love their work and try to come up with the most exciting and attractive topics for their students on a daily basis. In my eyes, Gozo is a beautiful, idyllic place, where high quality standards must be fulfilled. My high expectations are totally satisfied after taking part in their English course. That is why I highly recommend you to become a BELS student as it is the most familiar place to learn English for life.

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