Ukranian Shares Her Experience With Our English School - BELS Malta

Anna’s thoughts on BELS English Language School Malta

During their time at BELS, some students like to express themselves and give insight to other students who may wish to join us here 🙂 We are always very grateful to hear feedback from our students, and below is a very well written article by Anna who studied at BELS and is now residing in Malta:

Anna English language student in Malta„My name is Anna and I am from Ukraine. I want to share the experience of the great time I had in Malta learning English. Why did I choose Malta? It’s easy…

Malta is a very beautiful and safe place with nice beaches, warm climate, kind people and with balanced prices which is also very important. My Friends from a Ukrainian agency advised me about the BELS English school, I read a lot of information from the internet and I don’t regret my choice.

Making friends with BELS English language schools MaltaIn BELS schools there are a very friendly atmosphere and highly qualified teachers, especially Michelle who taught me for two weeks. All lessons are very well planned, so during one lesson we studied grammar, listened to and discussed texts, studied pronunciation and more. I chose the intensive course and I’d like to note that the afternoon lessons were very important as they helped me to develop my speaking skills.

Besides that course, I also studied in the Pronunciation Course for one week and the Business Communication course for another week. All these courses were very helpful to use the English language in a professional way in your job, because if you are not very skilled in pronunciation, sometimes people don’t understand you.

English language student in St Julians

Anna in St Julians, Malta

The business communication course has also added to my vocabulary skills with new expressions which help me to be more confident during conversations.

At the school I also met a lot of interesting people from different countries where we spent a wonderful time together and visited different places on excursions in our free time which helped study English in a more relaxed atmosphere. If you want to combine learning with pleasure, come to Malta. Thanks for all, I love this cosy island!“

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