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Having trouble finding the time to join an English language school? You can now learn English online with BELS!

While learning English might be on top of your to-do-list, it’s not always easy to find the time to join a school with a regular schedule. If that’s the case, learning English online might be worth a try. It’s now possible to learn English online with BELS by registering for online lessons.

Why should I learn English Online with BELS?

The internet has plenty of ways to help you learn English online at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. Using language apps, movies, audio books and articles can help you make progress, but there’s something missing. When you try to learn English online alone, it’s difficult to find a learning plan suited for your needs, you cannot work on your speaking skills, and there’s no one to correct you.

All of these things will be taken care of if you learn English online with BELS. A qualified BELS teacher will plan lessons especially for you, you’ll get the chance to practice your conversation skills, and have your errors corrected by a professional.

How can I learn English online with BELS?

When you register to learn English online with our school, the lessons will take place over skype. The time won’t be an issue, as the lessons will be scheduled according to your needs. When you learn English online with BELS, you also get exclusive access to our library of books. Of course, you can’t use our library from your home, but your teacher will pick the right material for you from our selection.

If you follow a general English course online, you will also have access to an accompanying online learning platform. The platform has a variety of exercises which allow you to develop your reading skills, listening skills, speaking skills, and writing skills. Parts of the platform will be used with your teacher, while other parts can be used to learn English online in your own time.

What type of online lessons does BELS offer?

Whether you’d like to learn English for a specific purpose, want to learn general English, need business English lessons, have to prepare for an exam, or you’d simply like to have a conversation in English, BELS can help you out

For more information, get in touch with our team at [email protected].

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