Make the most out of your travels. Discover a new culture, build friendships and learn English in Malta.

Why? They’re gorgeous islands and it’s easy to learn English in Malta and Gozo. As an ex-British colony with a large expat community, English is widely spoken across the Maltese islands. When you take a course here, you’ll improve even more because you have to use English to get by. 

Need more reasons to learn English in Malta and Gozo? Here are 10 other reasons to combine holidays with a language course.

1. You get two for the price of one

Holidays are fun. Learning holidays are becoming more popular in this age of easy access to knowledge and skills, because they are clever ways to have fun. Malta is not only interesting and a lot of fun, it is one of the top destinations for learning English worldwide. Learning English in Malta is an all-round solution to make the most of your free time while improving your skills. 

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Golden Sands Beach

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2. You open up to new experiences

Being in Malta is a cultural adventure.  The little islands are a melting-pot of cultures – in Malta traces of Greeks, Normans, Arabs, the French and the Spanish come together with a  British influence and a Mediterranean lifestyle.  The locals are welcoming, and love telling their stories to anyone who’ll listen.   Then there’s the food, nature, warm climate and the diversity of sports that comes with it. 

3. You improve your future prospects

English is essential skill in today’s world. The skills you learn during study-trips in Malta help you communicate better in English, both in a social and educational context.  You can spend time exploring a top destination while also improving life and work relationships and prospects.

4. It’s very professional

There are around sixty quality English language schools in Malta and Gozo. Many of the schools are well-established, experienced and accredited centers so quality is guaranteed. They cater for all kinds of students, offering a variety of courses, leisure-time activities and accommodation options.

Learn English when on holiday in Malta



5.  It’s easy to orgranise 

With BELS English Language Schools, learning English is made easy. BELS can handle everything from visa applications and accommodation arrangements to taxi bookings, car rentals and excursions; you only need to book your flights. In a single week, you already make the first steps to master the English language. You may also stay on both Malta and Gozo (minimum a week each) and proceed with your course.

6. It’s easy to learn 

Learning English feels like no effort when you are learning through fun activities with international students. Furthermore, English language holidays in Malta provide plenty of opportunities to practise your conversational skills because English is a national language, most people speak English, and you can chat to the locals.

7.  It’s safe

Malta is considered a safe place with mostly only petty crime. Public transportation is also safe to use, day and night. When in doubt, always ask the locals.

8. It’s easy to get around

When planning learning holidays, you may overlook checking in on distances, then discover you don’t have much time to explore where you are. Malta is tiny and well-served by buses, taxis and ferries. English language holidays in Malta mean you spend less time getting around and more time having fun.  Apart from that, BELS Language schools have apartments within a walking distance of the school, and also the beach. 

9.  There’s much to entertain you 

Archaeological sites, historic cities, museums, theme attractions, beach activities, cultural events, theatre, nightclubs, festivals, all kinds of entertainment, swimming, snorkelling, watersports, boating, cruises, fishing, diving, underwater caves, diving wrecks, cliffs, coastal caves, beach coves, trekking, biking, adventure sports … these are just some of your opportunities for entertainment, fun, adventure or relaxation. Your school will help you get organised.

Learn English when on holiday in Malta


10. The weather couldn’t get better

Maltese weather is ideal. The mild weather means you can enjoy more of what Malta and Gozo have to offer in terms of holiday activities and sightseeing. Winter is the season to enjoy the countryside and outdoor activities that are less accessible in summer due to the heat and summer is the season to party by night and enjoy the beach by day, but it’s really up to you what you choose to do … there are so many possibilities! You may be surprised to discover just how simple and easy it is to combine work and pleasure. English language holidays in Malta make learning holidays a whole lot better!

Discover a new culture, experience the Mediterranean culture and learn English in Malta.  Send us an email at [email protected] to start planning your study-trip.

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